Dear Families,                                                                                                            1/15/18


As we enter the spring we approach mandated SBAC testing.  Our goal is to provide optimal test conditions.  In a meeting with administration it was recommended to place the SBAC test window later in the year in order to give students additional time for content material prior to testing.  Attached is the test plan for fifth and sixth graders. 


There are many variables to consider, and creating the plan is complex.  With that in mind I hope you understand student attendance is paramount for the test dates outlined.  Please plan appointments or other avoidable absences accordingly as it presents scheduling, space, and coverage challenges for the entire school, and will impact your child. 


During testing I work to create a relaxed environment in which the test is viewed as an opportunity to demonstrate our strengths.  You can help your child feel successful by making sure they are well rested.  Breakfast on test dates is important.  Research suggests that eating foods with protein and whole grains helps students sustain the focused attention they need for this novel challenge.


I will publish a schedule and make sure you are all aware of test dates ahead of time.